Etheria The Prisoner of Askiban box art

This page will go over all the current known games. Due to both box arts being public we know of the games presence and information.

Etheria II: The Abyss released box art

Etheria: Prisoner of AskibanEdit

In this game you play as a human who must discover what is happening with a child who was abducted from your village. You learn that people are claiming he is some kind of demi-god and he is located in the tower of Askiban. You then set out on a huge intense quest to track down who abducted him.

Etheria II: The AbyssEdit

In this game you start of as the son of the emperor. Your farther is then murdered by a group of Daedra worshippers, on your quest for vengence you discover they have a deep dark plan and intend to perform a 30 man Daedric spell that will release the gates of the Abyss on the mortal world once more.

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