A Werewolf

Lycanthropy is considered a disease by many and a blessing by many. Those who have Lycanthropy are able to turn into a Werewolf (although they prefer not to).

Effects of LycanthropyEdit

Those with Lycanthropy gain extreme strength and the ability to move like a wolf without turning, of course they also have the ability to turn into a werewolf at a cost. Turning into a werewolf grants the user super strength, super pain tolerence and super speed. In order to turn into a werewolf though the user must go through a very painful transformation.

There are of course side effects to Lycanthropy such as during the night when the moon is out someone with Lycanthrophy may get a random burst of huge amounts of anger, this anger has been enough to tempt people into murdering a whole village or just go completely insane. Others however learn to control this anger, its not easy but its possible.

Becoming InfectedEdit


Alpha Wolf

In order to become infected/blessed by Lycanthrophy you must be bit by an Alpha wolf. Alpha wolves are stronger than normal werewolves and tend to have red eyes. When you are infected by an Alpha however you become sired, when you are sired your mind makes it extremely difficult to deny what the Alpha wants. 

Lycanthropy and the MoonsEdit

The moon can cause someone infected with Lycanthropy to have a huge burst of anger that can lead to murder, theft and other bad decisions. The full moon as you probably predicted can lead to a random transformation mixed with a huge burst of anger which is not a good combination at all. On a blood moon those infected with Lycanthropy will turn and become much stronger than usual and go on a murder spree due to the burst of anger they'll feel.

Immunity to Disease and AgeEdit

Those with Lycanthropy are immune to almost all diseases due to their beast blood, they'll age at the same rate as mortals but are likely to live 20-30 years longer until their body fails them.

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