Lakar the Vampire Lord

Vamprism is known as a disease or curse by many and a blessing by others. In order to become infected you must die with vampire blood in your system. Vampire blood is famous for healing wounds and resurrecting those who died with it in their system.


It is said Daedra first created the disease in order to turn man against each other but others believe it was made by man in order to give special beings power and immortality.


In order to begin the process you must first die with vampire blood in your system. Exactly six hours after your death you will be awaken from the dead with Phase one Vamprism known as the Origin Phase.

Origin Phase

The first phase occurs six hours after someones death with vampire blood in their system. Upon waking they are at phase one. If someone with Phase one Vamprism doesn't feed within twenty four hours they will die, if they do feed they will become a full vampire.

Full Vampire

After the Origin Phase you are now officially a full vampire.

Vampire LordsEdit

Vampire Lords are a select few of vampires who were selected by Daedra to be Vampire Lords. Vampire Lords are where it all started, they were the only five Vampires who were turned by magic where as all other vampires were turned by death one way or another.

Effects of Full VamprismEdit

Full Vamprism gives the vampire many abilities and different effects a mortal will not experience. Like as follows.

Emotions Switch

Vampires have the ability to "flick a switch" that will turn off all their emotions, that includes happiness, guilt and other things such as anger which is an escape for some but is almost guranteed to turn a vampire into a visious killing machine.


Vampires are faster both physically and mentally.


Vampires become extremely hungry and crave blood, they can not go any longer than five days without feeding or they'll die. It can turn vampires into killing machines if they don't learn how to control this urge.


Vampires blood has strange mysterious healing properties, upon consuming it heals wounds and a lot of diseases (not all).


They have the power of persuasion in which they can sneak into a weak mind and force it to do things against its own will.

Slowed Aging

Vampires age ten times slower than humans and have a resistance to disease. A vampire can also feed to extend his lifetime a small amount making them pratically immortal.

Harmed by the Sun

Vampires will begin painfully burning in the sun unless they have a powerful ring known as a daylight ring.

Unique Effects of Vampire LordsEdit

These effects are unique to Vampire Lords only.

Beast Form

Beast form is said to be so strong that a Daedric Lord can only just defeat it. When a 


A Vampire Lord in its Beast Form

Vampire Lord turns into a Beast it loses all power to think turning the Lord into a killing machine for exactly ten minutes.

Super Speed and Strength

Vampire lords are five times faster than normal vampires both physically and mentally and almost ten times stronger than mortals.

Stronger Persuasion

They can get into almost any mind, only super strong minds can fight the urge of a Vampire Lord.


Vampire Lords cannot be killed, they don't age and it is said only Daedric Lords themselves can kill Vampire Lords.

Death by Sun

Vampire Lords are extremely vulnerable to the sun and even daylight rings can't save them. The sun will burn them painfully but not kill them, this is why Vampire Lords tend to stay away from civilization as their homes tend to be ripped until the Lord will have no where to hide.

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